Experienced in Digital Wildlife and Nature Photography

Robert Walters and Kelly Diggins are a husband-and-wife team whose bond transitions to a synergistic effort to reproduce the marvels of nature. They are the heart and soul of Northeast Bay Photography and work together, using each other’s expertise and perspective to immortalize their mutual dedication to photography, patiently waiting for hours to capture just the precise moment of perfection for your pleasure. Their intense passion for the world’s wildlife, nature, and landscape photography resides in their love for the outdoors. From the unexpected plunge to the water for food of the Bald Eagle and it’s majestic return to soar in flight in Maryland, Illinois and Iowa; to the warmth of endless fields of Maryland sunflowers offering their faces to the sun; to the intricate, flowing lines carved by eroding water in the sandstone that is turned to rainbow colors by the sun in Antelope Canyon, Arizona; to the playful antics of the Adellie, Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins who seem to pose for the camera and the incredible blue hues of Antarctic icebergs, Robert and Kelly have traveled the United States and to the end of the World to share their passion with you. They are not driven by their timelines but rather by Nature’s impeccable patience.

The individualistic visions of Robert and Kelly transcend such techniques as bracketing for High Dynamic Range, time-lapse, and stitching for panoramas. Their composition, lighting and processing emanates from the teachings of such great artists as Art Wolfe, John Shaw and Trey Ratcliff. They portray their work not only in natural colors but in such hues as sepia, black and white, and even modern techniques of tone-mapping, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and blending. They also use techniques such as time-lapse and slow-motion. Their media output may include canvas, fine art and metallic papers, metal tiles and a wide selection of glass artwork such as room dividers, bar and kitchen backsplashes, counter tops, table tops, and furniture, doors and foyers, restaurant and commercial interiors, conference tables and walls, interior and exterior signage, store fronts, displays, backdrops and exhibits.

Robert and Kelly’s backgrounds support their photography perfection and unique style. Robert is an international traveler with an engineering background that lends itself to technical aspects and attention to precise detail. Kelly owed her own graphic design business, utilizing her artistic expertise in wide format digital printing, commercials, theme park’s advertising and trade shows. Their latest partnership accomplishment has been to teach a college level photography class which included field trips and counted as accreditation toward a degree.

Robert and Kelly have a mutual love for their avocation, an enthusiasm and excitement for their craft which manifests itself in the excellence of their skills. This, along with their individual experience, dedication and commitment, as well as the spontaneity of nature’s cooperation, makes for breathtaking results in their art form.